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Embrace the power of art to make a difference.

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Print Quality

The art prints are digitally printed on a high-quality 310gsm Hahnemuhle German Fine Art Etching paper. 

Made from 100% alpha-cellulose fibers, they are characterized by their velvety tactile feel and clearly defined felt structure. 

The premium matte inkjet coating ensures deep black and optimum contrasts for excellent reproduction of color and painting details.

Note: Due to the art display settings with lighting effects for visualization purposes, the actual color of the printed item may be slightly different from what's seen onscreen.

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original art

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angels in the garden 花园里的天使

A ray of hope can get us through the darkest of times. Angels in the Garden invites us to put on the eyes of wonder, and to notice life's daily miracles hiding in plain sight, such as the blooming flowers in the garden—and for those who believe, even angels! Painted in 2015 when Branden was 5 years old, and in the midst of his journey with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This painting seeks also to comfort and honour all who are braving life's challenging times. May the light of hope find you, right where you are. Originally painted by Branden using acrylic paint on canvas.

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mark roff 马克·罗夫

This is Branden's first pizza of his Pizzaman series. Mark Roff was inspired by Jon Burgerman, an artist from the UK. Mark is a funny guy who likes to make friends, cook pizza, and paint. He has the power to make people happy with his smile.

Branden's Pizzaman series is inspired by different famous artists. Each pizzaman has their own power (s) and character.

Mark Roff - Vacuum Flask

Mark Roff - Tote Bag

Mark Roff - Adult Unisex Cotton T-shirt

Mark Roff - Child Unisex Cotton T-shirt

i am 我是

Branden composed the first poem "I Am" in May 2022. He was nervous during his first reading. For the next time, he will try to slow down and try to speak clearer. This poem "I Am" is about how he feels about who he is.

I Am - Adult Unisex T-shirt

I Am - Tote Bag (front)

I Am - Tote Bag (back)

I Am - Pouch (front)

I Am - Pouch (back)

water city 水城

This is one of the paintings in the Branden 2.0 series created in 2023 after he received his life-changing treatment in 2020. He has gained more strength in his hands and has more energy to paint more now. It is also him discovering new techniques using different tools and what he likes and doesn’t like. One thing that doesn't change when he tries new things is “just have fun” with all the new techniques. 

Branden loves to swim (hydrotherapy) and blue oceans remind him of feeling free in the water.

Water City - Tote Bag

give something special to Branden

Every stroke that Branden paints, every colour he selects, tells a story of resilience and determination, and joy in living despite the most challenging of circumstances.

Your gifts, no matter how small, can unlock a world of possibilities, and secrets to living our best lives. Please make a profound difference today, inspire hope, and spread love in the time Branden has with us. 

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