Age 1 to 9

He is persistent, and has poise under pressure by imagining and creating

I try many different styles and many colours

Acrylic paint suits me better, with the texture and strong colours.

My fingers and hands are my paint brushes

Nowadays I struggle to paint with a brush, but will still try, even with a plastic knife or fork to create the effect I want.

First 5 years

I started colouring and painting when I was one years old

"Rain", one of my earliest pieces from 2011.

What stories did I tell?

My speech was delayed a few years. I expressed myself through art. (Click the picture for a short video)

Music makes my body move

Watch me get started around the 20 seconds mark!

Always love my brotherly time

Laughing and having fun together!

Making friends through art

Art helps me to meet many people.

I entered 2 public art events

That's my creation.  But surprise, it was my brother's artwork that won a special prize. I am so proud of him!

When I was 5 years old, I tried many things for the first time

First time: 

Coached by a few pro artists; filmed and featured on national TV; exhibited to the public in Inside Scoop ice cream shop; successful art auction; raised funds (to buy my standing frame); donated generously to charity.

6 to 10 years old

I was stronger then

I was able to use a brush, palette and water tub. In the full videos, you can hear me panting from the effort but I kept going.

I am just a kid that loves to paint

Thrilled to be featured with adult artists, which one do you think is mine? So encouraging to have a collector buy my artwork.

What am I wishing for?

An art studio where I can dream and have what it takes to help me be free to paint.

"Water Face"

Speech and respiratory therapy enabled me to start speaking and I hope to sound clearer when I grow up.

Preferred style

It is called abstract expressionism, and naive. And I am usually a finger painter.

Squiggly lines

It is getting harder for me to hold a pen, and impossible by now for me to draw a straight line.