Age 10 to 13

He can discover who he is. He is free to dream. He can create his future

Scoring goals (April 2024)

I created some art which have been signed by football legends Teddy Sheringham and John Arne Riise to raise funds for an ambitious project. What an awesome experience for me at the game

Art@Thomson (March 2024)

Super excited that Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook) is hanging art by me and other young artists with SMA and other rare conditions! Their walls are getting a makeover, and it shows everyone how cool hallways can be. Great video too!

Unveiling soon (Feb 2024)

I was 1 of 8 "outsider" artists dealing with tough medical stuff, making a huge, mind-blowing collage together. This project is all about showing anyone can be awesome if given the chance, even if we are not part of the usual crowd. 

Painting with friends (Oct - Dec 2023)

"Yay! I'm super-duper happy! I get to go to school for a few weeks, and it's awesome! Meeting new friends, and painting cool stuff together! Woohoo!"

Art For Rare Exhibition (Nov - Dec 2023)

I was in The Art For Rare Exhibition with seven other "outsider" artists like me. We painted art about community, sticking with it, being creative, looking on the bright side, and feeling happy. It was so much fun!

Jeune Pinceau International Young Artist Competition (Jan 2024)

Guess what? I got The Jury's Choice award for an emerging artist in my age group!  I'm so proud and happy! Even though I have some difficult stuff going on, it feels amazing to be recognized for my art.

Visit Art Exhibition (Oct 2023)

I got sick and had to be in the hospital recently, but don't worry, I'm feeling better now! And guess what? Mommy had a dizzy spell the night before, but she's okay too! Even with all this happening, I'm super excited because there's an art show, and I really want to go!

"I use fingers, brushes, and anything cool I can find. Painting is not easy because my hands are not strong & I might get weaker growing up, but I never give up!"

"He expresses his emotions through art, channeling his emotions onto a blank canvas. Art has made Branden a creative and vibrant individual, giving him an escape from his current situation." 

Spoon and Fan Brush (Sept 2023)

Here's an inside view of one of my painting sessions. This is with Uncle Nic, from the Art Lab On-The-Go under the Art For Rare Program.

Painting T-shirt (Aug 2023)

I got the opportunity to try painting on a T-shirt. I struggled with my first try, but it was interesting enough that I want to try again. 

Water (Aug 2023)

A few months ago I learned to create a water effect with a scalpel. I am trying with a much bigger canvas and a DIY "mop". Hmm, maybe yes, maybe no. I need to make some changes.

Fan Brush (June 2023)

First time with a fan brush and a more minimalistic approach. This set is called "1-2-3" for 1 brush, 2 colours, 3 artworks". 

Why do you think I have left the centres, hollow?

Flowers (June 2023) 

The lovely flowers from my garden at home make me happy and here I am using flowers to paint this piece.

Bamboo Stick Extension (May 2023)

It is a large artwork and I am using a long bamboo stick with both my hand and foot to place design my rings.


I love this technique I find it so calming. I prefer not to tilt and spread the paint after pouring.

Drip Splash Pour

It is playful and fun! Trying such a big piece for the first time. I need a better handle on the stick.

Art Scalpel

I like this effect! I can also blend with hands for the final effect I want.

Poetry, "I Am"

Composed the first poem "I Am" in May 2022. My first reading I was nervous. Next time I must slow down and try to speak clearer. My poem s about how I feel about who I am.

Extended Paintbrush

This is hard, for me it is like lifting heavy weights. How else can I extend my reach and paint with bigger strokes?